PS-5 Release Date, Specs, News And Rumors For Sony’s PlayStation 5

So what do we know about the PS-5 so far?

The hysteria started in early 2019, when Mark Cerny, the chief architect on Sony’s next console, confirmed that the company was working on the successor to the PS-4 Slim and PS-4 Pro.

We wouldn’t get the official name or release date until much later, but Cerny did shed some light on the next-gen console’s capabilities, revealing that it would retain a disc drive, and would have something to do with Sony’s game streaming ambitions; other than that there was little else to go on.

Since then, Sony has been feeding us juicy tidbits such as an official PS-5 release window, logo, name and a few key details about features. According to Sony, the PS-5 still has big surprises to come – but it won’t be revealing them at E-3 2020, as the company has confirmed it won’t be attending this year, again.

That’s not to say we won’t see the PS-5 anytime soon – the official PS-5 website is now live, further fueling rumors that Sony is planning a PS-5 reveal event in the near future, although this hasn’t been confirmed.

In addition, we’ve had some surprising leaks, in the form of a Sony-registered patent that seems to show off the PS-5’s general shape, button inputs, and cooling vents – this was confirmed to be the PS-5 dev kit in a leaked photo. However, we expect the end product design will be different for the PlayStation 5’s official launch later in the year.

Sony can only keep the finer details of the next-generation PlayStation a secret for so much longer – especially with Microsoft having officially unveiled the Xbox Series X. But between the rumored specs, likely next-gen titles, and official features we are aware of, there’s plenty to keep us busy for now.

Here’s everything we know about the PS5 so far – and what we hope will be revealed the closer we get to launch.


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